Look Inside: Reading Skills File Folders

If you have students working on basic reading skills, my reading skills file folders are a perfect solution! You can embed file folders into your content instruction or have students complete them with aid in small groups. Have IEP goals working on the same skills? Throw these into an independent work center and capture some IEP data! This pack comes with 15 different file folders!

Word Sorts


There are 12 different word families sorted among six file folders. Students will sort words ending in the following families:  -at & -an, -ad & -ap, -en & et, -in & -ip, -op & -ot , -un & -ug. Each file folder will focus on sorting between two word families. Differentiation is included. You will have sorting pieces with words on them and without the words. You can select the pieces that best match your students’ needs. 


Beginning Sounds Match


You will get four file folders:  two file folders that work on beginning sounds A-N and two file folders that work on letter sounds M-Z. Glue the panels with the pictures into the file folders. Students will sound out the beginning sound in each picture and match the letter. This is a great way to introduce beginning sounds to students. 

CVC Word Match


You will get three file folders working on matching CVC words. Glue the panels with the pictures into the file folders. Students will figure out the word the picture represents and match the word to the file folder. If you want to make this file folder more challenging, don’t provide the matching pieces. After laminating the file folder, have students use a dry erase marker to write the CVC word that matches the picture. 

Rhyming Word Match 


You will get two versions of file folders working on matching rhyming words. Glue the panels with the pictures into the file folders. Students will figure out the word that rhymes and match the picture. There are versions with words and versions without words. Use the set that meets the needs of your students. 


Does this set sound like it is a good match for your class? Grab it here! I understand how hard it is to find appropriate materials to work on basic reading skills. My goal was to make an easy-to-prep, affordable product functional and fun. I hope it works well for your students!

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