What We're Doing In January

Hope you all had a wonderful, restful winter break! I'm winding down on my winter break and gearing up for 2018 in the classroom. I've been planning for the month of January and wanted to share what we will be doing all month long!


How I Organize my Self Contained Classroom

One of the most common questions almost every teacher wonders about one another is "How do they organize their classroom?!" (Or is this just me?!) I thought I'd show you all a few of the ways I organize materials in my (very tiny) classroom!


Unique Learning: What I'm Using & What I'm Not

Hey y'all! Earlier last week I posted over on my Instagram about using Unique Learning in my classroom, trying to figure out a doable schedule, and choosing which activities are worth my time and which are just not a great fit. If you have ULS, you know that it is VERY overwhelming with an insane amount of materials and information. Let me just preface this with: I am NO expert on ULS. I have no idea what I'm doing half the time (honestly) but I've been trying to find a good groove this year and here is what I've got so far!

Favorite FREE Websites for Special Educators

It's no secret that teachers aren't in it for the money. OR that teachers spend a LOT of their own money on things for the classroom (can we say Target and TpT?!?). Because of this, I wanted to share some awesome FREE websites/resources that you can use with your students! Don't be shy - feel free to add your favorite free websites in the comments for others to use!!!


Introducing: Intermediate File Folders for Special Education!

I wanted to stop in today to give you guys a peek inside my newest growing bundle! I am SO excited about these brand new file folders, I can barely contain myself!!


PCI Reading: Part 2!

Do you use PCI Reading in your classroom? We do & I LOVE it! (Check out my original post about PCI Reading HERE!)

If you don't know what PCI Reading is, it's a reading curriculum designed specifically to teach students with disabilities how to read. We use level 1 in my classroom. In level 1, there is a total of 140 sight words (dolch words, fry words, and "real world" words) that students learn over a period of time through a lot of repetition and practice. It has been a game changer in my self contained classroom!


Grab & Go Monthly Math & ELA Worksheets

You guys know I'm ALL about file folder activities and other adapted activities, but sometimes I just need something quick & easy to grab and work on with my little friends. Something that doesn't use a whole color cartridge and that doesn't take a few hours of cutting, gluing, and laminating to get prepared.

This is exactly why I decided to create some monthly themed math & language arts worksheets that I can use with all of my students!


Data, Data, & More Data!

Happy August! Back to school is right around the corner, so I wanted to stop by the blog really quick and give you guys an inside look at how I take data!

Data...who likes to actually take data?! (Actually I don't know if it's the taking of data, more so just making the data sheets!)


Morning Circle Communication Binder

Do you have students who are non verbal or need help communicating information during morning circle? I had some students this year who needed some extra support to be able to fully participate in our circle time. Out of this came: our morning circle time binder!


My Top 10 Must Haves for my Self Contained Classroom

As a special education teacher, there are some things that I just CANNOT live without. Some are cheap that I buy often, and some are a little pricier but SO worth the money. With back to school time quickly approaching for some teachers, I figured I'd list some of MY personal favorites.


Student Work Binders

In my classroom, we've been working with some individual student binders this school year. They aren't glamorous or cute, but they are awesome and kind of life changing. I wouldn't use something like this for every student, but for some students that need the repetition, and choose from a couple items receptively, they are perfect!


Teaching Shapes in the Special Education Classroom

Hi guys! Popping in today to talk a little bit about some ways I have been teaching shapes to my students this year. Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a routine of teaching something with just one thing (like flashcards!). However, this often leads to our students having a hard time generalizing the skill! Here are a few ways I have been working on shape generalization this school year.

Hosting a Disability Awareness Day

With World Down Syndrome Day and Autism Awareness Month right around the corner, this is the perfect time to think about hosting your own disability awareness day to help students throughout your school better understand different types of disabilities!


Avoiding Teacher Burnout

It's that time of year, guys. The school year burnout is starting to creep in, and you might just find yourself day dreaming of summer vacation and midday margaritas (or is that just me?!). Is anyone else feeling it? I'll admit, I decided to write this blog post to also remind myself how to get out of that mid year funk. Below you will find some of my top tips for avoiding (or at least decreasing!) teacher burnout.

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