Scheduling in the Special Education Classroom

Welcome to week one of our Back to School Block Party: all about scheduling! Scheduling for a self contained classroom is always a puzzle that I love to hate. It's so satisfying when I'm finally done, but then the school year begins and it changes approximately 238 more times, haha! I'm going to go through my steps to putting my schedule together each year.


Avoiding Task Burnout In Your Classroom

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! I'm busy over here in denial that I have to go back in 3 weeks. Eek!

Let me start this post with saying how much I LOVE teaching kiddos with special needs. However, working on the same skill for months can sometimes get a little boring, right? Wrong. Well, it can get boring if you're doing the SAME thing day after day. If you're doing that, it's time to start mixing it up! If you're bored of teaching coin identification, I can guarantee that your kiddos are even MORE burned out. And what does boredom lead to? Behaviors. Let's talk about some of my favorite ways to mix it up and keep things fresh.

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