Spring Break Sale!

Celebrating the beginning of my Spring Break with a 20% off sale over at my TPT! Click the picture above to check out my store and grab some goodies for your special learners! :)

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A Very *Special* Giveaway!

Huge thanks to Sara over at Miss B's Special Education Classroom for including me in this giveaway! My very first!! :)

I'm teaming up with these two amazing special education teachers to give you some pretty awesome goodies!

The lucky winner will win some wonderful prizes!
You can win the following:

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Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Grab a kleenex and smile along with me. My students with Down Syndrome are some of the most wonderful, shining, sweetest people I have ever met. There are many days I feel blessed to have them in my everyday life. :)

Happy Friday y'all! :)

Learning To Read: PCI Reading Program

One of the tough things about being a special education teacher is that we don't have a total comprehensive program to teach our kiddos how to read. I wish that I was given a "curriculum" to go by with my little guys, but there isn't (yet!).

One of the many things I use to teach my students to read is also one of my absolute favorite programs to date. My senior year of college I was at the Council for Exceptional Children Conference in Nashville and saw the PCI Reading Program being demonstrated. I wanted that thing for my first 2 years of teaching and once I moved back to Ohio, I was able to get that baby through my district! *Insert happy dance*
All the goodies that come in level one!

What We've Been Up To...

This has been one seriously LONG winter y'all. I know living in Ohio that winter can be pretty rough but whew, I'm so done with this one. My kiddos have all started to really go stir crazy and need some nice weather to go run around outside and let out some of the ants in their pants!!

Back in December I said I was getting back to the blog, but obviously that was a lie. Christmas break came around and afterwards was a slew of snow days, new behaviors, meetings, and the daily fires to put out. I'm now scheduling myself at least one day a week to sit down and blog about new ideas and all of that. I love learning new things from all the blogs out there! Just another way to make myself a better teacher. :)

So here's what we've been up to since I last popped in...

Christmas counting by 10's practice

How CUTE did their elf applications turn out?!

Working on time through bingo is WAY more fun! :)

Some afternoon chores to help me keep the classroom clean!

Ahhh my favorite program: PCI Reading. A blog about this to come!

St. Patrick's day positional words practice, the love this thing!

St. Patrick's Day counting by 5's

Celebrating Read Across America!

Target dollar spot comes to the rescue again, making subtraction FUN!

Cuddle up and read day in matching skull jammies to end out Read Across America!

That's just a little of what's been going on in our room. I promise I'm not going anywhere this time! Happy Wednesday from snowy, cold Ohio!
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