A Little Laugh

One of my teacher friends posted this on her Facebook today. A hilarious reminder that us teachers aren't the only ones that are checked out for the summer...sometimes your kiddos parents are as well!

Worst End Of School Year Mom Ever

A little laugh for you on this Thursday.


One Of Those Days...

One of those days today. In the last few hours, I've been through my own emotional rollercoaster. This girl is headed to bed before the sun even sets.

5 more days...I think I can, I think I can.

Tasks Galore

Alright, things have been a little crazy around teacher-land over here! We are in the home stretch of the school year and I have 3 IEP meetings to kick out in the next week and I need to finish up report cards, IEP progress reports, etc. To say the next 10 days can't go by fast enough is an understatement! Love my little ones but summer break is SO needed around here! The pool and limearitas are screaming my name. :)

I wanted to write a quick post about one of my favorite go-to resources, Tasks Galore books! I found these my first year of teaching and it was SUCH a lifesaver in my autism classroom!

The "Climbing Art Obstacles in Autism" book is worth every penny, people! Crafts with students with autism can sometimes be painful for both the kiddo and the teacher. These are all visually based, simple, and mega cute! I had my classroom aides last year go through the book and make templates & craft examples for every craft in the book! They were such troopers & the time was well spent. :)
An example from the Tasks Galore website!

The yellow "Tasks Galore" book is another awesome find. There are SO many great tasks to make for all different aspects of your curriculum. Check out these examples of what you will find inside!

SO many awesome ideas!
The last book I own is "Making Groups Meaningful". I haven't used this as much in my new multiple disabilities classroom, but I referenced it quite a bit in my autism classroom. Many, many great ideas to tackle groups (which can be extremely tough with your students with autism!). Here is an example of one of the pages out of the book:
This was actually one of the ideas that I put into place in my last classroom! This gave everyone a chance to participate in calendar time, and jobs could easily be switched daily or weekly!

The books are a little pricey, but I promise you that they are so worth it!

Bzzz Bees!

We have been talking about spring & reading about bees in our classroom. Check out these super cute bees that my kiddos made! As I've said before, I use Unique Learning Systems with my students. This was this months craft & we all LOVED it!

Proud mama moment right here. :)

Writing Fun!

I know what you're thinking...how dare you put "writing" and "fun" in the title together?! Writing is tough for so many kids, especially our students with special needs. However - we still need to get it done! Many of my kiddos are still working on writing their letters and numbers and get easily frustrated. A few weeks ago, my deaf education specialist came in with this cute game. Lucky for me, she trusts me enough to leave it with me to work on letter writing with it!

I like to use this 1:1 with my students, but it is really meant to be a game that you can play with 1-4 students at a time! Each student get their own "popper" that has letters on all sides. Once they pop a letter, they find that letter on their card and practice writing it. It's really cute and my students LOVED popping the dice and finding their letter!

You can purchase the game here from Lakeshore Learning if you're interested! :)

Do you have any fun or interesting ways that you incorporate writing with your kiddos?
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