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Look Inside: Reading Skills File Folders

If you have students working on basic reading skills, my reading skills file folders are a perfect solution! You can embed file folders into your content instruction or have students complete them with aid in small groups. Have IEP goals working on the same skills? Throw these into an independent work center and capture some IEP data! This pack comes with 15 different file folders!

How to use Errorless Learning in a Distance Setting

Errorless learning is an evidence-based strategy that can be used in a variety of ways. This instructional strategy is designed to prevent incorrect responses. Errorless learning is a proven strategy effective in teaching discrimination skills. More simply, it allows students to build confidence and endurance during work. Errorless learning is one of my favorite tools to use!


3 Reasons to Teach Holidays Around the World

If you are anything like me, you probably love and dread teaching in December. I always loved it because it was full of holidays and fun activities. I also dreaded it because it could be chaotic and a real drag at the same time. Holidays Around the World is the perfect solution. It will help you tie everything together in a stress-free way! I have three reasons why you should consider Holidays Around the World as your theme for December. 


Holidays Around The World in Special Education

The holidays are right around the corner, where in the world has this year gone?!

Last year, I created a Holidays Around the World product that was geared towards special education classrooms. There are a ton of products on TpT that cover the topic of Holidays Around the World, but none of them were differentiated for our students. With many of these holidays happening SOON, I wanted to give you a look inside this bundle.

Top 10 Sensory Must-Haves from Amazon

When working with children with special needs, we often find that we need different types of sensory materials to help with sensory processing needs or classroom behaviors. I've put together a list of my top ten sensory favorites - all from Amazon! Many of these we used daily in my classroom!

Adapting Science & Social Studies Topics in Special Education

When I was teaching in a self-contained classroom, covering those tough Science & Social Studies topics were always so difficult for me. We had no adapted materials, and often the topics (like force & motion) were very difficult topics to teach to my students! I started creating full Science & Social Studies units with a variety of worksheets for this very reason - and just recently had the idea to make smaller adapted book + comprehension sets to briefly cover a topic without spending an entire month on it.

Differentiated Halloween Activities for the Special Education Classroom

October is RIGHT around the corner and is right up there with Christmas as one of my favorite holidays in the classroom. There is so much fun stuff you can do with your students during the month of October. In this blog post you'll see some of my go-to Halloween themed resources, books, task boxes, and songs!

Differentiated Fall Math Worksheets for Elementary Special Education

As a former special education teacher, I always had a hard time finding worksheets that fit my students needs and that I could use with more than one student in my classroom. Often times, our students have very different goals, so purchasing a set of worksheets on JUST counting was great for one student, but didn't help me with the other seven. This is exactly why I created the monthly math packs a few years ago!
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