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Student Work Binders

In my classroom, we've been working with some individual student binders this school year. They aren't glamorous or cute, but they are awesome and kind of life changing. I wouldn't use something like this for every student, but for some students that need the repetition, and choose from a couple items receptively, they are perfect!

Teaching Shapes in the Special Education Classroom

Hi guys! Popping in today to talk a little bit about some ways I have been teaching shapes to my students this year. Sometimes it's easy to get stuck in a routine of teaching something with just one thing (like flashcards!). However, this often leads to our students having a hard time generalizing the skill! Here are a few ways I have been working on shape generalization this school year.

Hosting a Disability Awareness Day

With World Down Syndrome Day and Autism Awareness Month right around the corner, this is the perfect time to think about hosting your own disability awareness day to help students throughout your school better understand different types of disabilities!

Avoiding Teacher Burnout

It's that time of year, guys. The school year burnout is starting to creep in, and you might just find yourself day dreaming of summer vacation and midday margaritas (or is that just me?!). Is anyone else feeling it? I'll admit, I decided to write this blog post to also remind myself how to get out of that mid year funk. Below you will find some of my top tips for avoiding (or at least decreasing!) teacher burnout.

Our Favorite Put In Task Boxes

This school year I transitioned to a K/1 intensive needs classroom. We are doing a lot of working on attending to a simple task, sitting in our chairs, working independently, etc. What better way to work on these skills with some easy task boxes?! I thought I'd share some of our favorite task boxes this school year! Hopefully this gives you some good ideas to use with your students!

This one I just cut a slit in a plastic coffee can and used some cute seasonal foam shapes from the Target dollar spot!

My Top Books for Special Educators

Happy Monday, friends! Welcome to my beautiful, new, & improved blog thanks to Erin from You Aut-a Know!! I am so in LOVE!

I was sitting at my kitchen table today looking through books for my classroom and thought, what a great post! There are certain books I just LOVE and look through for new ideas pretty often. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys, so here they are!

Must Have Resources for your Self Contained Classroom

Today is the day: the first day of school with my munchkins! I am so excited to see what year 7 has in store for me!

For our final week of the Back to School Block Party, we are talking about our must haves for the new school year from TpT! I have to admit, this post was HARD for me to do because there are seriously so many amazing things I use in my classroom each day from TpT. I am so grateful for this website, it has made me such a better teacher and helped me become so much more organized and prepared for the school year!

Let's get to it! Here are some of my favorite products I use all the time!

Keeping Connected with Parents

Welcome back to our Back to School Block Party for week 3! This week is all about parent communication. Honestly, this is one of the MOST important pieces of our jobs as special educators. If you don't establish good parent communication and rapport in the first few weeks of school, your year likely won't run as smoothly. I want to make sure my parents feel comfortable sending their little ones to me each and every morning!

Below you will find 4 ways I plan on communicating with my student's parents this school year (and they aren't the ONLY ways!).

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